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About the writer

H.S. has always wanted to be a writer, but reality bit him when he was still very young (at 13, he started working to help with the household expenses), so his dream had to be postponed to 2017, when he moved to London with his husband. That was when H.S started writing "In London, Still", a beautiful story of love, growth and how someone can overcome their fears and traumas to achieve true happiness; personally and professionally.

"In London, Still" has been very well accepted by thousands of readers with wonderful reviews from several literary

bloggers and the story truly holds you on your reading with its many breath-taking scenes, scenarios, and intelligent and mature dialogues among the characters. 

Not to mention the cliff-hangers in several chapters. What makes you want to read it nonstop.

Helder has also published a short story called "The Final Chapter"  and now, at 47, he is finishing two of his many projects: his second novel, "The Seventh" (a thrilling drama, with lots of suspense, divided into two volumes) and a children's book entitled "The Adventures of Cal and Berê".

Be sure to read the works of this promising author. It will surprise you in a very, very positive way.