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About the Artist

I'm from ABC region of São Paulo. I was born in a Wonderful Family, Loving Parents, they had 4 children, and I'm the only girl, but the most adventurous (just like Dad). Since I was a little girl, I liked handicrafts and I excelled in schoolwork.  I landed in an unknown country, without speaking the language, alone and without knowing anyone, but with all vigor and determination. I made great friendships, worked a lot, and each day was a new learning experience. In the midst of many difficulties, I never gave up, because I knew I was where I should be, I was sure that the Universe had already prepared everything for me. The years went by, now I'm married, I have a 12-year-old daughter.

 Last year, in the midst of lockdown (2020), that love of crafts was reborn, and I remembered, the times that different people, in different times and different situations, told me "you have the power to heal with your hands", it was again the Universe calling me. That's when I decided to start working with dried herbs, studying, learning more and more each day, selling to friends, and in December of last year, the Universe brought Mandalas to me, and then I felt fulfilled. So after a lot of positive feedback from customers about how much the herbs and Mandalas had helped, I was sure I was on the right track. I feel very happy, knowing that my work helps people, and today they are energizing and protecting homes, families and businesses, with the soft aroma of herbs, or the enchantment of the colors and designs of Mandalas. 

 Gratitude ,Gratitude, Gratitude to the Universe.


 The expression MANDALA comes from the Sanskrit language, which means circle. 

They are portals that make us see our essence, our interior. 

The mandala is a geometric representation of the relationship between man and the cosmos. 

Considered a symbol of healing and spirituality. In doing so, it can provide us with inner peace, inspiration and reflection as we contemplate it.

 Mandalas have the Potential of Healing, Balance, Harmony, Good Vibes, which can change your life. 

Mandalas Energized with Crystals, Herbs and Reiki


Among the four elements of nature, Air is perhaps the most perceived, identified element that humans come in contact, through simply breathing. Air symbolizes the breath of life and is associated with the beginning of everything, the human intellect, mental processes, intention and man's creative capacity. The most common and popular use of this element can be found through burning of incense on the altars of religions and in the homes of their adherents. The act burning incense in a space, when well directed and with a clear intention, creates an aura in any space where scented smoke passes, whether in an environment or around a person's body. 

For this practice, the correct thing is the use of herbs in their dry state and the study and knowledge about their ritualistic purposes. Knowing which herbs should be used for each case, through burning we can repel or attract energies and promote the ideal balance.

 To make an effect, go through the four corners of each room or go over your head and around your entire body.

 Our Sticks are handcrafted with selected Herbs, and Energized with the power of Crystals, Herbs (spray) and Reiki. 

You have the option of purchasing  the stick only or along hand painted CD disk incense holder.