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Hello everyone, I'm Elssye. I grew up in the lungs of the world, in the Amazon. Surrounded by Mother Nature in her splendour and all her cultures. From an early age, drawing, colouring and expressing myself artistically was what got me through my days. At school I spent my time drawing and reading: Brazilian literature, poetry, Portuguese authors and about my favourite artists: Leonardo D’ Vinci, Rafael, Van Gogh, Tarsila do Amaral, D’ Cavalcanti, Paula Rego, Monet, Klimt… So many. 

In University, I learnt how to paint by using watercolour technique. And so my life was changed. Everything about the technique attracted me: the translucency, the flow of ink on the paper, the lightness, subtlety of colour, light and shadow… I paint scene from where I’ve travelled, walked and lived. Portuguese balconies, distant streets, in cities and where I live. I have recently incorporated the mystique of Hamsa into my art. 

The design, the colours and the infinite possibility of creativity with it have been incredible: Signs, Home Protection, moon signs, for example, come and see these for yourself. I have lived in a few countries, which have given me the expansive cultural and creative baggage I have today. I now live in London. "